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We understand the support that veterans need as we have members of the ex forces community on our delivery team and in our group of volunteers, many of our sessions are also run or have veterans involved in the delivery, therefore, helping us breakdown the barriers in communication and spend the time reducing social isolation and improving mental health. This project is funded by the Armed forces covenant 'Forces For Change' project.

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Physical activity is part and parcel of military life, so when there is no instruction and routine, it is often hard to stay motivated. The links between physical activity and mental wellbeing are well documented, so it is integral to maintaining an healthy body.

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Mental health awareness has improved over the last several years, however, the stigma surrounding men's mental health is still prevalent, amongst many ex-forces personnel. Understanding thoughts, emotions and behaviour is the first step to better mental wellbeing.


Podcasts have become a popular source of information, please check out some of our conversations linked to sport, health, wellbeing and life in the military.