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Team Talk

Leigh Community Trust are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding from the national lottery for our ‘Team Talk’ men’s mental wellbeing talking group.

The funding will allow us to continue our mental health programmes by introducing Team talk. A peer to peer men’s talking group with an ultimate aim to reduce the stigma surrounding male mental health. We experienced a lot of success over the previous 12 months having been nominated and acting as a backup for the 2018 People’s Project.

The sessions will reduce stigma surrounding men’s mental health by providing an opportunity to open up and talk in a non-judgmental environment. It will support men in the borough  in increasing self-esteem, confidence and awareness, reducing social isolation therefore allowing men to achieve their potential outside of the group by building upon relationships and enabling them to cope with everyday life.

Team talk will continue to run at 7pm on a Monday evening at LSV Stadium but will incorporate other elements such as distance learning audio podcast so attendees can build upon their knowledge on topics that may come up in conversation during the group.  They will be around wellbeing topics such as mindfulness, affirmations, self-talk and mind-set. Alongside the informal weekly talking session the funding will allow us to add in another weekly session around coping mechanisms to help build resilience through sport, art, light exercise, nature rambles and virtual reality.

For more information please contact Dave@leighcommunitytrust.co.ukor call 01942 497 847.

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