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The quality of our life is directly proportionate to the amount of uncertainty or challenge we can handle, A buzz word around at the moment is resilience. One way to build resilience is to create systems and routines (also known as rituals) that do not take up to much energy and time but when compounded they allow you to handle the stress of life.

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Now that we have started to introduce little routines and habits into our day to help us deal with stress and anxiety. We can now go a little deeper. With the 10 for 10 we have built a platform where we can now start to introduce some real changes in to our lives, whether that’s by choice i.e. weight loss, new job, new relationship, kids or life events that can’t be controlled, pandemic, job loss, redundancy, divorce. How we handle change/uncertainty dictates the quality of our life and our happiness

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Mental health needs physical support. The link between mental and physical health is well documented, you may not realise but the food you eat can also play a part. Its no coincidence that the main chemical involved in your mood serotonin is primarily produced in the gut bacteria….. brings a whole new meaning to the phrase you are what you eat. We have workout plans, and information on the best foods to eat in our available download. 

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Interview with Scott Burns, Leigh Centurions

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