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Get a handle on your mental health

The quality of our lives is directly proportionate to the amount of uncertainty, challenge and change we can handle. Leaving the military or any long term career can have a big impact on identity, stress and wellbeing the resources and learning material will help you get a handle on change, whether that leaving the military or leaving a job, or a long term relationship

Coping with change

Creating an environment for change 

This is where we find out what you want to achieve from the course and in the future. We help you create energy for when you need it most.

Having a process to handle change 

How to create a bullet-proof strategy for self-control, by taking action and being accountable.

How adaptable to change are you?

How to change your mindset and change perception, to harness a superpower that goes well beyond the scope of this course.

Defining what needs to change 

The power of questions cannot be understated, and you will learn how to ask yourself amazing questions, to create massive opportunities in times of change and uncertainty

Overcoming barriers to change

How to create so much leverage that obstacles become bumps on the way (not IN the way) to achievement.

Bonfire Night advice for Veterans
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Sophie Jackson, Military Veterans Service

NHS mental health service for ex-service personnel in Lancashire.  Delivered by @PennineCareNHS and 


Remembrance Day advice for Veterans
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