The Kick Start programme aids the pathway from unemployment into employment/further education through providing better access to opportunities for beneficiaries to improve levels of qualifications and become work ready. Initial activities are designed to break down barriers faced by 16-24 years olds with no or lack of qualifications. In an informal setting, discussions of behaviour change take place, through peer-to-peer group sessions.


The programme supports beneficiaries in increasing self-esteem, confidence, awareness and reducing social isolation therefore, aiding them to achieve their potential outside of the group by building upon relationships and enabling them to cope with everyday life. Part of the programme also consist of pre-employment guided learning, focusing on employment skills such as communication, working with others, presentation skills – such as talking in front of others using innovative Virtual Reality software, CV writing, interview techniques and goal setting.


As part of the Kick Start programme we also offer a training element of an ASDAN short course from a list of over 30 titles.